Stage 23 : An adventure trip in Russia with friends

Stage 23 : An adventure trip in Russia with friends.


Stage 23/24 - 359 kms

0 km Tver

221 kms Valday

138 kms Novgorod

carte Tver a Novgorod

An adventure trip in Tver : Seafront and Memorial

TVER - Russia

TVER - Russia © Iva -

Tver is an old city of Russia located on the Volga. Tver is full of historical and cultural sites. The most important ones are the memorial of Athanasius Nikitin, the “White Trinity” church, the Imperial Road Palace and the white-stone Christ monastery. The city boasts a wonderful seafront with its old houses. In Tver you will find many hotels with a high standard of comfort, particularly in the city’s historic centre.

Valday : a town of natural beauty

Valdai - Russia

Valdai - Russia © syntheticmessiah -

Right next to Moscow towards the highway leading to St. Petersburg, Valday attracts tourists today as much as it did in the past, with its superb natural surroundings. Valday is special because of the natural beauty of its setting. The town is sprawled out over smooth hills that slope towards the south-western shore of the scenic Lake Valdai, from which the region derives its name. Valday has always been linked to Novgorod’s old commercial and religious centre and remains a part of Novgorod.

Valdai National Park

The Valdai National Park is located across the town. Novgorod is rich in shale, clay, limestone and quartz deposits, as well as mineral springs. In addition to tourism, the regional industries include woodwork, fertilisers, forestry and power generation. Valdai’s real treasure is the central region of Lake Valdai, bordered by a coniferous forest.

Novgorod : an important artistic production


NOVGOROD - Russia © Victor Lazarev -

The Republic of Novgorod was famous for its high level of culture with regard to the other Russian duchies such as Suzdal. A vast majority of the most important eastern works of art of the period were exhibited in this city. Novgorod’s citizens have created religious icons in large numbers. This artistic production was due to its thriving economy. Not only the families of distinguished boyars ordered the creation of icons, but artists also had the support of wealthy merchants and members of the strong artisan class.

Historic monuments of Novgorod and its surroundings

The Historic Monuments of Novgorod and its surroundings are a real “conservatory” of Russian architecture of the Middle Ages and later periods. Novgorod, in north-western Russia, was an important centre on the trade route between the Baltic States and Central Asia. It developed into one of the major centres of Russian culture and spirituality. A wide range of monuments has been preserved such as the St. Sophia Cathedral, built between 1045 and 1050, representing the original features of Russian architecture, The Novgorod Kremlin which houses the oldest palace in Russia, the Church of the Transfiguration, decorated with frescoes in the late 14th century by Theophanes the Greek, and the Church of Neredica.

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