Stay 22 : A Bulgaria tour for its treasures

Stay 22 : A Bulgaria tour for its treasures.

Occidental Route

Stage 22/35 - 235 kms

0 km Khaskovo

101 kms Laki

108 kms Batak

26 kms Velingrad

carte Khaskovo a Velingrad

Khaskovo : Unexpected remarkable sites

Khaskovo celebrated its 1,000th anniversary as a town in 1985. To mark the event, a new clock tower was erected in the town’s centre. Remarkable sites in Khaskovo’s recently renovated : Ivan Dimov drama theatre, the History Museum, and an art gallery. The Thrace annual and colourful songs and dances folk festival takes place in the Kenana, a neighbouring park. A 32 meter high monument of the Mother of God and the Infant Jesus was erected on the hill of Youth near Haskovo in 2003. The monument was inaugurated on 8th September on the occasion of the Nativity of the Holy Virgin Mary, when the day of the town of Haskovo is celebrated. It was included in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s tallest monument of the Mother of God. Khaskovo has recently invested in renovating its town centre, with a variety of new sculptures and fountains erected. 

Laki : Culture and medieval architecture

Laki is a town in Southern Bulgaria. The city has a culture and medieval architecture for some of its sites of interests which are around. Major The monastery complex “Krastova Gora Sv.Troitsa” and the game-reserve “Kormisosh” offer great hunting conditions. About 8 km away and near the village of Belitsa a vivarium for bears and the “Giumberdzhiata” beautiful waterfall are located. Asenova krepost is a medieval fortress in the Bulgarian Rhodope Mountains, on a high rocky ridge on the Asenitsa River’s left bank. The best preserved and most remarkable feature of Asenova krepost is the 12th-13th century church of the Holy Mother of God of Petrich. The town of Asenovgrad derives its modern name from the fortress. The Bachkovo Monastery or Petritsoni Monastery is situated 25 km from the town and is a major monument of Christian architecture and one of Bulgaria’s largest and oldest.

Batak : A picturesque tourist town 

Batak - Bulgaria

© stanslavov - Batak - Bulgaria -

Batak is a picturesque town in the Pazardzhik Province, Southern Bulgaria, not far from the town of Peshtera. Batak is located on the north-western slopes of the Rhodopes, at 1036 metres above sea level. It is surrounded by many peaks, covered with century-old pine and spruce forests. The climate is temperate continental with a characteristic southern warm wind. The nearest railway station is in Peshtera. Today Batak is a modern and renovated town, famous for its historical monuments and for its location as a resort and tourist centre. A key hydropower system, the Batashki Vodnosilov Pat, with five dams and three hydroelectric plants was built in the 1950s. Rest houses, tourist complexes and villas have been built along the banks of Batak’s dam in order to set up a tourism infrastructure which respects international standards and with a view to also welcome any visitor eager to discover the town’s wealth.

Velingrad : A balneotherapy town to recharge one’s batteries and enjoy nature

Velingrad - Bulgaria

Velingrad - Bulgaria - © devnenski -

Velingrad is a town in Southern Bulgaria, located at the western end of the Chepino Valley, part of the Rhodopes. Velingrad has been recognised as one of Bulgaria’s most popular spa and balneotherapy resort. Nestled in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains, at 750 meters above sea level, the town enjoys a mild winter and a pleasant warm summer. The average annual temperature is 10°C with an average of 19°C in July only. It is the ideal month to get away from the town’s suffocating heat.  Statistics show that it is the Bulgarian town with the greatest number of clear and sunny days in the year representing about 2000 hours of sunshine. The vast pine forests exert a beneficial influence on healing due to the fresh air in its most natural state that prevails here. This remains an additional bonus for this Bulgarian town.

Yet, this amazing town’s most significant advantage is the number of hot springs, which is a total of 70 springs with a total capacity of 4000 litres/minute. It is the greatest number of mineral springs in Bulgaria. The temperature of the thermal baths varies between 42 ° and 100 °. Bulgaria’s largest Karst spring is the Kleptuza lake which is also located in Velingrad. With its capacity of 1200 litres/second, this beautiful lake is an additional reason to visit Velingrad. 

Practical Services

Velingrad : Family Hotel Iv

Velingrad : Balneo Complex Saint Spas

Velingrad : Park Hotel Olymp & SPA

Velingrad : Saint George Family Hotel

Velingrad : Panorama Apartment

Velingrad : Aqua Viva Spa Hotel

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