Stage 8 : A surprising city break in Germany

Stage 8 : A surprising city break in Germany.


Stage 8/24 - 296 kms

0 km   Dettelbach

84 kms Erlangen

91 kms Coburg

121 kms  Erfurt

carte Dettelbach a Erfurt

Dettelbach city break : medieval and wine


DETTELBACHS - Germany © WernerHilpert -

Dettelbach is a town in the district of Kitzingen in Bavaria, Germany. It lies on the Main’s right bank, 17 km east of Würzburg, and 7 km north of Kitzingen. A medieval wall near the town with two towers and two other gates enclose the town. Dettelbach is also famous for its wine; it is a major tourist attraction in the heart of the town centre. Have a nice city break here.

Erlangen : romantic period : history, culture and nature live together

Erlangen combines the charm of a small baroque university town with the vitality of a modern metropolis. A hospital is located in Erlangen’s city centre and some of the buildings are found in the picturesque garden of the margrave’s palace. This public park is a quiet place and conducive to rest. Erlangen is also fortunate to be at the edge of the “Franconia”, a low mountain range with many paths. This region has monuments of the romantic period such as the imperial castle of Nuremburg and the medieval city of Rothenburg. If your travel diary allows you to stay, we invite you to visit the city of Munich which is only two hours by train from Erlangen.

Town of Bamberg (on the way between Erlangen and Coburg) : World heritage site

BAMBERG - Germany

BAMBERG - Germany © Thomas Jablonski -

A thousand year old centre of the imperial and Episcopal power is called the Rome of Franconia. Bamberg stands on seven hills, surrounded by a beautiful countryside. Dominated by its imperial cathedral, the town is a unique masterpiece and very well-maintained. Bramberg’s old town consists of three historical centres, namely the Episcopal town, the island town and the market gardener’s town. All three are part of the UNESCO World Heritage site and are an example of construction of central European cities in the early Middle Ages. The urban historic landscape contains many monuments of the 11th to 18th centuries as well as 1200 architectural monuments.

Our Lady of Atonement (Queen of Roses) : pilgrims place

The apparitions of the Virgin Mary occurred over a 3-year period from 9 October, 1949, Feast of the Rosary, to 31 October, 1952. Jesus, as well as many angels, martyrs and saints also appeared there. Initially, a group of seven young girls saw the apparitions. Later, many adults claimed to see the apparitions. At the same time, the flow of pilgrims significantly increased. The Catholic Church has not yet recognised the apparitions. Today Heroldsbach is approved by the local church as place of worship for the veneration of the Mother of God.

Coburg city break: a real open book to the monument

Coburg is a German town located in Bavaria, which presents the typical features of a former capital of German little states. It’s numerous houses from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. The town’s most important monuments include Ehrenburg, a former Franciscan convent built in 1220 which was turned into a castle and renovated in the 19th century. The internal decoration dates from the late 17th to the early 18th centuries. The St. Moritz Church is a Gothic edifice with two tours. The interior, renovated in 1701, includes Duke John Casimir’s funerary monument, a 12 meter high alabaster sculpture painted with statues and reliefs. The medieval Coburg is one of Germany’s largest and most beautiful castles. It was mostly rebuilt in the 19th century. Marthin Luther lived here in 1530. The structures now house 3 museums, the art galleria, exhibitions and other attractions.

Discovering Erfurt : baroque and medieval sight

The capital of the State of Thuringia is proud of its past with over 1270 years of history. Discover one of the best preserved centres of a German medieval city with its beautifully rebuilt half-timbered buildings. Erfurt’s most famous sight is the ensemble made up of St. Mary’s Cathedral and the St. Severus Church along with the Merchants’ Bridge, which is Europe’s longest inhabited bridge. Above the Cathedral Square, on the Petersberg Hill, the towers of the fortress in the Baroque city can be visited. Erfurt is a member of the Working Group called “Barrier-Free Travel Destinations in Germany”. It is an association of cities and tourist regions dedicated to tourism in Germany. The city offers a wide range of programs accessible to people with disabilities and with limited mobility.

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