Stay 15 : A cultural trip in Romania for its secrets sites

Stay 15 : A cultural trip in Romania for its secrets sites.

Occidental Route

Stage 15/35 - 275 kms

0 km Horezu

72 kms Bumbesti Jiu

203 kms Resita

carte Horezu a Resita

Horezu : a nice cultural trip for the UNESCO protection

Voyage aventure à Horezu Roumanie

Horezu Roumanie
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Horezu is a small town in Romania. Its monastery protected by the UNESCO, and the unique traditional pottery of the region should not be missed. Those who want to really know the Romanian culture will enjoy a cultural trip here. The monastery, with its mountain scenery, its peaceful atmosphere, with its accession to tradition in its family pottery crafts, offers a unique experience to adventurous travellers. However, the monastery of Horezu was built in the 1690s under the patronage of Constantin Brâncoveanu, a rich prince responsible for the design and the beauty of the monastery. The motifs of the monastery consist of several outbuildings, including the residence of the prince, the monks’ accomodations and public service areas. Other churches next to the main church are also on the same piece of land.

Bumbesti-Jiu : An enjoyable picturesque small city to visit

Bumbeşti-Jiu is an enjoyable picturesque city in the county of Gorj, in Western Wallachia, Romania, on the Jiu River, with a population of nearly 10.617 inhabitants. It administers four villages, namely Curtisoara, Lazaresti, Plesa and Tetila. The city owns the Lainici monastery and the Visina monastery, built in 1418, and a ”village Museum”. Bumbesti- Jiu invites very few tourists on its land. This city is connected to many other popular Romanian cities. Bumbesti-Jiu has a limited number of tourist attractions that can be visited. By discovering all the cultural wealth of the city, you will be able to share your experience during your stay there.

The national park of Defileul Jiului

The national park of Defileul Jiului is a protected area. The area has been proclaimed a national park by the Government in 2005. The national park of Defileul Jiului is an ideal place for walking, both for adults and children. Little ones have specially designed itineraries entitled "stories of the forest". Adults can create their own itineraries and have the opportunity to see impressive things and to learn autonomously about the nature and the environment. The national park of Defileul Jiului is proud of its biodiversity. Tourists will have to remain vigilant with snakes, being shod and dressed accordingly is important. Among the large animals, you can see the Carpathian bear, the wolf and the wild cat.

In this park also live the otter, the marten and the badger, but all species are vulnerable because of poaching. The chamois, the black deer and the Carpathian deer are three species whose lives are endangered by carnivorous predators and the people who hunt them for material gain. Regarding the flora, the region is covered with 85% of forests, certain species of trees are in need of a strict protection. You can see hundred-years old trees there, beeches or alder-trees around which one can see all sorts of insects. The national park of Defileul Jiulu totalizes so far at least nearly 701 species of flowers, some of them being very rare. Tourists must take into account the regulations established by those who inhabit the park, in order not to overturn the life in the park. These rules can be read at the entrance of the national park of Defileul Jiului.

Resita : An important industrial city from the past until today

Voyage aventure à Resita Roumanie

Resita Roumanie

Reşiţa is a city in Western Romania and is the capital of the county of Caras-Severin, in the region of Banat. Its population is approximately 84.000 inhabitants. Archaeological digs found traces of settlement dating back to the Dacian and Roman Neolithic. On the 3rd July 1771, it became an important centre for metal production in the region. Reşiţa was long considered as the second largest industrial center in Romania. It is an important centre in the manufacturing of steel and vehicles. CSR or Combinatul Siderurgic Reşiţa and UCMR or Uzina Masini Reşiţa Constructoare of Masini Reşiţa are the plants which have supported the existence of the city for more than 300 years.

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