Stage 24 : Still discovering historical monuments

Stage 24 : Still discovering historical monuments.


Stage 24/24 - 239 kms

0 km Novgorod

239 kms St Petersburg

carte Novgorod a St Petersbourg

Novgorod : discovering its historical monuments


NOVGOROD - RUSSIA © vesta48 -

Founded in 1221, Novgorod is currently Russia’s third largest city. The city has preserved many cultural and historical monuments. The Kremlin Novgorod is a unique example of the ancient Russian defensive architecture that has been preserved since the early 16th century. Its image was reconstituted by a famous architect and restorer S.L. Agafonov, who dedicated 50 years to the Kremlin’s scientific restoration. The historical centre has been adapted due to characteristics of the local landscape. Today the ancient Novgorod attracts visitors for its monasteries, the Kremlin, its historical monuments, but also for its new buildings which blend in perfectly.

St. Petersburg : a welcoming city that attracts increasing numbers of tourists 

A city of palaces and museums, wide avenues and meandering canals, Saint-Petersburg’s short history has endowed the city with an abundance of architectural and artistic treasures. Along with world famous attractions such as the Hermitage, the Saint-Isaac Cathedral and the Mariinsky Theatre, the city is full of lesser known sights but equally fascinating which reveal both the extravagance of Saint-Petersburg’s political and imperial past. Saint-Petersburg, boasting an important historical and cultural heritage, is regarded as a very attractive tourist destination. With a cultural programme, a large number of world heritage sites, as well as a developing tourism infrastructure, Saint-Petersburg is considered among the world’s major centres of culture and tourism.

Historic Centre of Saint-Petersburg

The historic centre of Saint-Petersburg and its groups of monuments have an urban design with many baroque and neo-classical buildings. The shape of the city was developed by Peter the Great in the 18th century. In the communist era, it was officially renamed Leningrad. The Historic Centre of Saint-Petersburg is the name used by UNESCO when it collectively designated the historic centre of the Russian city of Saint-Petersburg, as well as the buildings and ensembles located in the vicinity, as a World Heritage Site in 1991. The site was recognised for its architectural heritage, the blending of Baroque, Neoclassical and traditional Russian-Byzantine influences.

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