Stay 30 : Have a rich discovery trip in Austria

Stay 30 : Have a rich discovery trip in Austria.

Occidental Route

Stage 30/35 - 303 kms

0 km Mariazell

117 kms Liezen

97 kms Werfen

89 kms Bramberg am Wildkogel

carte Mariazell a Bramberg am Wildkogel

A discovery trip in Mariazell : An authentic town for pilgrims tourists

Mariazell - Austria

Mariazell - Austria - © Sonja Birkelbach -

Have a discovery trip in Mariazell, an authentic town in Austria which is well known for winter sports. It is a place of pilgrimage for Catholics of Austria and the Eastern neighboring countries. The object of worship is an image of the Virgin Mary, who is reputed to perform miracles. The image was brought to the place in 1157 and it is now in a chapel decorated with silver materials and objects. The large church, in which the chapel is included, was erected in 1644 as an extension of a small church built by Louis I, King of Hungary. Indeed, pilgrims already made their way to the Marian sanctuary in the 12th century. In 1783, the Emperor Joseph II dissolved the monastery of Mariazell, and in 1787, he completely banned pilgrimages. After the early withdrawal of restrictions, today, about a million of pilgrims visit Mariazell each year. In May 2004, the Central European Catholic day took place in Mariazell.

Liezen : A town of height and genius

Liezen is a municipality in the federal Austrian State of Styria, capital of the district of the same name and economic centre of the Enns river. The city is located 664 meters above sea level. Its Mayor, Rudolf Häkel, is an eminent member of the regional political SPO party, which also holds the absolute majority of 17 members on 25 in the municipal council. A genius mechanical engineering, Maschinenfabrik Liezen und Gießerei, is located Eastern of the city. It has been connected to the “Noricum scandal" in the 1980s because of the illegal arms export. In 2012, the company remains the largest employer.

The National Park of Gesäuse

The Gesäuse mountain - Austria

The Gesäuse mountain - Austria - © Ksl -

The National Park of Gesäuse was founded on the 26th October 2002. The 11.054 current hectares for about 110 km, a large area which is located Western of Ennsknies in upper Styria. The starting time planning area includes a total of 125 km. About 99% of the current surface are the property of the forests of the province of Styria. Only a small quantity remains a public or private property. The Park is characterized by the steep Gesäuseberge with its distinctive rock and the gorge as a section of the valley between the Enns and Gesauseeingang Hieflau. The altitude varies from 490 to 2369 meters. The Park is divided into a natural area and a conservation area. The natural area includes about 75% of the area and will remain free after the end of the intervention management measures.

Werfen : A nice little, popular and prosperous village

Werfen Castle - Austria

Werfen Castle - Austria - © Evgeny Rivkin -

Located in the Valley of the Salzach River, Werfen is easily accessible from Salzburg by train or via the motorway. It is a destination that requires a day of discovery. This is largely due to two attractions. The first is the Hohenwerfen fortress, the second largest fortress of Salzburg. It is based on a medieval castle and is situated in a very picturesque setting at the top of a cliff which oversees the valley. The Hohenwerfen fortress is famous for its bird of prey shows. The second attraction is the ice caves of Salzburg, the largest ice caves in Europe which are open to visitors. Werfen itself is a small beautiful village located slightly outside the two high attractions. It is one of the oldest villages of Salzburg. Nowadays, Werfen is a prosperous city. The iron industries and local machines as well as foresters, the energy companies and logistic companies are important.

The cultural landscape and heritage site of Salzkammergut

Salzkammergut Grünau - Austria

Salzkammergut Grünau - Austria - © rorue -

The captivating region, with a stunning natural view, won the title of “cultural historic landscape of Hallstatt-Dachstein/Salzkammergut” as a UNESCO world heritage site. Discover the Alps on a small scale format and you will immerse yourself in 4.500 years of history. Where else in Austria can you see so many unique natural landscapes and civilizations dating back to thousands of years in such a small place ? Here, in the Salzkammergut region, the diversity of the landscapes of the Alps can be found in a small area and the cultural significance of Hallstatt and its return date to an economy based on salt in prehistory is significant. Later, salt became an important commercial element to the Habsburg monarchy. A rich cultural and architectural heritage is derived from this long tradition of extraction and trade of salt. This contributed fully to the nomination of the region as a world heritage site. 

Historic center of Salzburg, Gothic art, artists and genius

Historic city of Salzburg - Austria

Historic city of Salzburg - Austria - © igorp1976 -

Salzburg has been able to preserve an exceptional urban richness, developed during the period from the Middle Ages to the 19th century. The late Gothic art attracted many artists until the city became even more famous through the work of the Italian architects Vincenzo Scamozzi and Santini Solari, to whom the center of Salzburg owes much of its baroque character. This meeting point between the North and the South of Europe is perhaps not so foreign to the genius of Salzburg's most famous son, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whose name has been linked to the city ever since. Salzburg is an outstanding example of an ecclesiastical city-state, proper to the Holy German Roman Empire, from Prussia to Italy. Most political and administrative units disappeared at the beginning of the 19th century and have adopted other developmental trajectories. No other example of this type of political organization has completely survived, preserving its urban fabric and its individual buildings.

The ice caves of Salzburg

The biggest ice cave in the world is located near Salzburg in the village of Werfen. Thousands of visitors climbed in the caves near Salzburg each year. The first visitors had to climb a very steep path to reach the caves. Today, a cable car starts at the entrance. Within a few minutes, an Austrian cable car takes you to an altitude of 1076 m to 1586 meters above sea level. During the transit, you can enjoy a wonderful view over the Salzach river and the Alp mountains. In the giant ice caves of Werfen, you can admire the miraculous ice sculptures which were formed by the earth itself. Due to very cold temperatures, even in summer, good shoes and warm clothes are recommended. Don't forget your hat and gloves. At the entrance of the ice cave, you will get a lamp of mine. The beauty of the ice sculptures will reward you for your efforts.

Bramberg am Wildkogel : The city with the precious emerald

Bramberg is quite unique, since the Habachtal is the site of natural deposits of emerald in Europe. This may explain why the Bramberg Museum houses one of the most extensive collections of minerals in Austria. Every year, countless amateur mineralogists make their way to Bramberg to participate in the hunt of the fascinating green stone, and proudly show us their findings. Who knows, if you're on a mineral excursion from mid-June until the end of September, every Friday, with the expert Alois Steiner, you may find your own green treasure ! In summer, the mineral hiking, a visit to the Hochfeld mine as well as a visit to the Bramberg Museum and the minerals Exchange, all of this will make the eyes of any genuine collector shine. A path of emerald punctuated by service stations and a romantic hiking trail are built in the Habachtal Valley.

Practical services

Werfen : Bio-Bauernhof Rettenbachgut

Werfen : Werfenerhof

Werfen : Haus Imlau

Werfen : Weisses Rössl Werfen

Bramberg Am Wildkogel : Haus Margreth

Bramberg Am Wildkogel : Wagnerhäusl

Bramberg Am Wildkogel : Biobauernhof Haslach

Bramberg Am Wildkogel : Hotel Senningerbräu

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