Stay 11 : Discovery trip from Ukraine to Romania

Stay 11 : Discovery trip from Ukraine to Romania.

Occidental Route

Stage 11/35 - 336 kms

0 km Svalyava

99 kms Synevir

168 kms Satu Mare

69 kms Baia Mare

carte Svaliava a Baia Mare

Svalyava : A full expansion city

Svaliava Ukraine

Svalyava Ukraine
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Svalyava is a full expansion city in Ukraine. The village was mentioned for the first time in a historical document of 1263. In the 13th century, it belonged to the principality of Galicia-Volhynia. Later, during many centuries, it was under Hungarian rule. From the 16th to the 18th century, it became part of the Mukachiv-Chynadiieve empire. At the end of the 18th century, Svalyava was an important economic centre with a distilery, a trade fair, a sawmill and a potash, and brick factories. Today Svalyava is an industrial center with a lumber manufacturing complex, a wood-chemistry complex and a crafts factory. The most interesting architectural monuments are the wooden church of Saint-Michel and the Church of Saint-Nicolas.

Discovery trip in Synevyr and its lake in the Carpathians

Voyage d'affaires et tourisme à Synevir Ukraine

Synevyr Ukraine
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The lake of Synevyr is the biggest lake in the Carpathians of Ukraine. It is located in Mizhhiria Raion, Zakarpattia Oblast not far from the village of Synevyr Poliana, and is part of the national natural preserved environment of “Synevyr”, which was established in 1989. Scientists estimate that the lake appeared 10.000 years ago. In 2008, the lake has been recognized as one of the seven natural wonders of Ukraine. The lake of Synevir is located in the west-north part of the national park of Synevyr near the foothills of Mount Ozerna. It belongs to the region of Pryvododilni Gorgany and is located at 989 meters above the sea level. The lake was created in the post-ice period due to a powerful change of the native sandstone in the South side of the Mount Krasna, when it blocked a narrow river valley.

Tourists in the national park of Synevyr

On the basis of the lake of Synevyr, in 1989, the national park "Synevyr" was created. It covers about 40.000 hectares and attracts tourists with its wooded hills, vast meadows, powerful rivers like the Tereblya and the Black River, as well as healing clay water. Tourists can largely enjoy an intact piece of nature. The fauna of the park is very rich and varied. You can find wild animals such as the mountain goat, the European red deer, the bear, the lynx, the wolf, the fox, the badger, the weasel and many other rare species, which number does not decrease thanks to the prohibition of hunting and deforestation.

In the park, there are about 90 species of rare and threatened plants listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. There are a large number of trouts in the lake of Synevyr, but fishing is prohibited. It is permissible to fish the crabs which are too numerous. Nearby, there are several places where you will find trout and rent equipment, baits and go fishing, but only local residents can show these places. In the national park of Synevir, the annual festival of ethnic music “for the call of Synevyr” takes place. Musicians from Ukraine and the neighboring countries are called during this festival. Exhibitions of art and craft pieces as well as cooking competitions are also realized.

Romania becomes the favorite destination of many European tourists for their discovery trip

Tourism in Romania focuses on the natural landscapes of the country and its rich history. It has become an increasingly important source of the Romanian GDP, between 7 to 9 million tourists each year. The Romanian economy is characterized by a huge potential for tourism. The number of tourists rose from 4,8 millions in 2002 to 8,9 millions in 2008. In the 1990s, the government has strongly promoted the development of winter sports in the Romanian Carpathians. Two-thirds of all large exhibitions in Central Europe are organized in Romania. Each year, they attract 2-3 millions business travelers, about 20% of them being foreigners. Over the years, Romania emerged as a popular destination for many European tourists, often competing with Greece, Italy and Spain. Romanian destinations such as Constanta and Mamaia, sometimes called the Romanian Riviera, became very popular among European tourists.

Satu Mare : An academic, commercial and cultural town

Satu Mare is a city with a population of nearly 102.400 inhabitants in Romania. Mentioned in the Gesta Hungarorum as "Castrum Zotmar", the city has a history that dates back to the Middle Ages. Today, it is an academic, cultural, industrial and commercial centre, in the Northwest of Romania. The old town, which extends in the North of the Somes River includes some of the main attractions of the city. The Traian boulevard leads directly to the Central Piata Libertatii or the "Freedom Square". Around the square, you will find several churches, museums and hotels. During the 19th and 20th centuries, Satu Mare was the seat of the Jewish Hasidic Teitelbaum and Gruenwald, which stayed there until World War II and are now in the city of New York, Jerusalem, London and other places.

Baia Mare : A famous artistic colony

Voyage d'affaires et tourisme à Baia Mare Roumanie

Baia Mare Roumanie
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Baia Mare is a municipality located along the Sasar River, in the Northwest of Romania. It is the capital of the county of Maramures. The city is located about 600 kilometers from Bucharest, the capital of Romania, 70 km from the border with Hungary and 50 km from the border with Ukraine. The city manages four villages namely Blidari, Firiza, Valea Borcutului and Valea Neagră. At the end of the 19th century, it became famous for the artists’ colony Nagybánya, a group of young Hungarian artists who are considered to be very influential in the art culture of the region. In 1966, the Hungarian National Gallery had a major exhibition of their work : the art of Nagybánya.

Practical Services

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