Stage 21 : A quiet and Historical stay in Russia

Stage 21 : A quiet and Historical stay in Russia.


Stage 21/24 - 265 kms

0 km Suzdal

145 kms Rostov

60 kms Yaroslavl

60 kms Rybinsk

carte Souzdal a Rybinsk

A historical stay in Suzdal : The golden ring tourist route 

Suzdal - Russia

Suzdal - Russia © Igor Potapov -

Go and explore the most typical sights and have a foretaste of the Russian history and tradition in the Golden Ring town of Suzdal. One of the most popular destinations on the Golden Ring tourist route, Suzdal, offers to visitors a historical kremlin, a medieval armament, traditional accommodation of round-log cabins and hearty dishes. Located approximately 200 km from Moscow, Suzdal is one of the most popular towns on the Golden Ring route which links central Russia’s ancient cities.

Rostov : An archaeological collection

Rostov - Russia

Rostov - Russia
© scaliger -

Rostov is a large city in the south of Russia. The Rostov Regional Museum of Local Studies owes its worldwide fame first of all to its exceptional archaeological collection, which is being enriched every year due to archaeological excavations carried out in this area. Here you will fin unique gold and silver articles of the 4th century BC to the 4th century AD such as the armoury, harness, wine goblets and jewellery. These objects are the reflection of the culture of peoples who lived in the Rostov lands in ancient times. The museum also features Cossack history and the peasant uprisings led by Bulavin, Razin and Pugachev. Culture in Rostov is presented at the Pushkin Fine Arts Museum, boasting over 6000 exhibits.

Yaroslavl : Bear, fortress and legend


YAROSLAVL - Russia © volgariver -

Yaroslavl is a unique city on the Volga where nature’s beauty is breathtaking and the ancient architecture and modern industry blend so harmoniously. According to the legend, the Grand Prince of Kiev Iaroslav the Wise killed a bear and ordered to construct a fortress. It is this legend which gave the city’s emblem, a bear with a pole axe featured on a silver shield. The fortress, ideally located on the crossroads of important trade routes, turned into a big trade and crafts centre. Presently, Yaroslavl is the region’s largest city with a population of nearly 650 000.

Historical centre of the city of Yaroslavl, Empress Catherine

The Historical centre of the city of Yaroslavl, with its 17th century churches, its neo-classical radial town planning and its architecture, is an outstanding example of the exchange of cultural and architectural influences between Western Europe and the Russian Empire, combined with the urban reform which was commissioned by Empress Catherine the Great in the whole of Russia.

Rybinsk : find a calm and a charming city

Rybinsk is a small charming city in Upper Volga. You can reach Rybinsk by car, but you should allow five to six hours drive. It is a city with a predominantly Russian population. In the Soviet era Rybinsk was a city of skilled workers and intellectual technical elite. Today, the industry has changed.

Practical Services

Rostov : Hotel Rostovsky

Rostov : Yaroslavna

Rostov : Lion Hotel

Yaroslavl : Ibis Yaroslavl Center

Yaroslavl : Hotel Complex Lubim

Yaroslavl : Guest House on Volzhskaya Naberezhnaya

Rybinsk : Vikonda Hotel

Rybinsk : Gostevoy Dom Hotel

Rybinsk : Hotel Neolit

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