Stage 15 : A trip in Poland for the national park

Stage 15 : A trip in Poland for the national park.


Stage 15/24 - 324 kms

0 km Warsaw

119 kms Ostroleka

115 kms Bialystok

90 kms Augustow

carte Varsovie a Augustow

Warsaw : a travellers city

Warsaw - Poland

Warsaw - Poland
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Warsaw is the seat of Kosciusko County, with a population of 13 500. Built on the Vistula’s banks, this city is the capital of various reorganisations of Poland’s territory since the 16th century. Warsaw is a large city with attractions easily available and many things to see and to do.   Its boundless spirit can be felt during the post-World War II reconstruction of its historical monuments, many travellers return to Warsaw, again and again.

Ostrołęka : monastery, artists

Ostrołęka lies in the north-eastern part of Masovia over the Narew River, at the edge of the Kurpia Forest. It is an important road and railway junction located at the crossroads leading from the south of the country to Mazury and the Suwałki Lakeland and roads leading from Poland’s eastern borders to the west. The visit may start from the Baroque Church of St. Anthony of Padua. It was erected between 1665 and 1696 within the borders of the Bernardine monastery.  The monastery, with a covered courtyard, surrounded by a wall with arcades, has been preserved. Between 1751 and 1752, the special Stations of the Cross known as Calvary were established here, surmounted with three octagonal towers. Outside, there is a tomb from 1831 and a monument of soldiers from the famous 4th regiment of infantry who died while defending against Russians in the temple.

Białystok : A natural environment


BIALYSTOK - Poland © Nightman1965 -

Białystok is the largest city in north-eastern Poland and the capital of the Podlaskie Province. It is the administrative, economic, scientific and cultural centre of this part of the country which is called Poland’s Green Lung due to the extraordinary treasure that is its natural environment. The ecologically clean region, full of tourist attractions, as well as the city’s well developed infrastructure, make of Białystok an attractive place for those who live here, come to relax or to enjoy the tourist activities. For many, Białystok is an ideal location to explore the Białowieska primeval forest desert, the marshes of the Biebrza River valley, the many charming towns and villages and quiet spots of the Podlaskie region.

Biebrzański National Park

The largest of all Poland’s national parks, the Biebrzański National Park, protects Europe’s almost entire natural stretch of moorland peat bogs which extend across the Biebrza Valley. The peat bogs occupy an area of 59 223 hectares. The park’s greatest attraction is the splendid, open, high moor topography and the rare wildlife. The Bierbrza Valley is also Poland’s largest wildlife refuge for the elk, wolf, beaver and otter. The Biebrzański National Park attracts many enthusiasts equipped with cameras and microphones. The park is protected under the Ramsar International Convention.

Narew National Park

The Narew National Park is a national park in Poldlaskie Voivodeship, northeast of Poland, crossed by the Narew River.   The park’s total area is 73.5 square kilometres, out of which only 20.57 km2 is state-owned. The Narew National Park was established in 1996. The park’s cultural attractions mostly consist of buildings such as many traditional village cottages, ancient crosses, by the roads and windmills. One of the park’s attractions is a private archaeological museum, owned by Władysław Litwinczuk. The Park also includes an antique manor house in Kurów. The park’s headquarters is in the village of Kurowo.

Augustow : a healthy and relaxing city


AUGUSTOW - Poland © Tata2anka -

Augustow is a city in north-eastern Poland with 30 802 inhabitants. It lies on the Netta River and the Augustow Canal. It is located in the Podlaskie Voivodeship since 1999, after having been in Suwalki Voivodeship between 1975 and 1998. It is the seat of the Augustow County and of Gmina Augustow. Augustow became officially recognised as a healthy and relaxing centre in 1970. In 1973, the surrounding villages became part of it and contributed to the setting up of a popular resort.

Wigierski (Wigry) National Park

The Wiegerski National Park was established on 1st January 1989. The park’s total area is 15 085 hectares. The forests account for 63% and the surface water 19%, covering most of its area. The nearest tourist centre is the town of Suwalki. The Wigry Lake and its surroundings offer several popular kayak routes. The Wigry National Park surrounds the postglacial areas, with a large number of lakes enclosed by the best-preserved vast forests. The park’s northern section lies along the varied topography of Suwalki Lakeland, while the southern part is on the flat Augustow Plain.

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