Stage 20 : An amazing Russian tourist tour

Stage 20 : An amazing Russian tourist tour.


Stage 20/24 - 220 kms

0 km Moscou

186 kms Vladimir

34 kms Souzdal

carte Moscou a Souzdal

A Russian tourist tour from Moscow : The Capital of 100 parks

MOSCOU - Russia

MOSCOU - Russia © Boris Stroujko -

The city of Moscow is an absolute must. One of the world’s most famous places for travellers is the Red Square. Moscow was a religious centre for over 400 years and the city’s religious architecture is one of the richest and most varied in the world.  The wealth of museums in Moscow ranges from amateur to imperial and to world-renowned collections.  Moscow boasts more than 100 parks and gardens. Wherever you are in Moscow, you will always find a green space.

Discovering the history of Vladimir city

Vladimir - Russia

Vladimir - Russia © AVD -

Vladimir is the only Russian city with an ancient history, which begins in the late 10th century. Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich of Kiev founded the city on the bank of Kylazma River. Around the mid-12th century, the city became the capital of the Russian North-East State. Around the mid-13th century, the State was attacked by Mongol and Tatar tribes. Vladimir went into decline. The city’s revival began only in the 15th and 16th centuries, when Russia’s future capital, Moscow, gained the power. Since the 17th century, Vladimir constantly expanded and developed, while retaining the splendour and unique charm of an ancient city.   Today, Vladimir is the centre of the Vladimir region, its industrial, educational and cultural centre.

Suzdal : do you know its exhibitions ?

SUZDAL - Russia

SUZDAL - Russia © scaliger -

is known as being a museum town, a reserve of ancient architecture. A concentration of monuments on the area of two square kilometres with nearly 70 monuments. Suzdal is one of Russia’s few towns that have no railway. It is a very quiet and peaceful town. You will have the opportunity to see  the various exhibitions such as collections of old icons, unique frescoes of Vladimir Monomakh’s era,  decorative art and craft objects,  fancy work, hand-sewn items and paintings.

Monuments of Vladimir and Suzdal : artistic centres

These two artistic centres in central Russia hold a significant place in the country’s architectural history. There are a number of magnificent 12th and 13th century public and religious buildings, masterpieces of the Collegiate Church of St. Demetrios and the Assumption of the Virgin Cathedral.

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