Stage 1 : Camper road trip – an excellent journey in Portugal

Stage 1 : Camper road trip – an excellent journey in Portugal.

Atlantic ROUTE

STAGE 1/29

293 kms

0 km   Lisbon

9 km Linda-a-Velha

24 km Linho

6 km Sintra

102 km Santarem

45 km Minde

15 km Fatima

75 km Condeixa a Nova

17 km Coimbra

Portugal is one of the most favourite countries for European and North-American sightseers/holiday-makers. Naturally, tourists from all over the world flock to visit this country. Portugal is not alike any other country in Europe and this is what makes it stand out.  The country’s rustic landscape is unique, although the major cities have experienced drastic changes since Portugal joined the European Union. Scenic and bucolic/rural best describe Portugal’s towns and villages. In fact, these villages are considered “a must” of Lisbon itineraries. Baroque art, Romanesque art and the Manueline style are noticeable on the most famous buildings present on these routes. Have you imagined a camper road trip ?

An unusual holidays in Lisbon : the first step to the height

Your holiday in Lisbon begins from the viste of the castle of Sao Jorge, where you can dominate the city with an exceptional view. And you will notice the priority sites to discover as the Cathedral of Santa Luzia, Sao Monastery, the ancient art, cultural center, tropical garden or the house of fado museums etc. Lisbon is a big city but who knew that there is a significant destruction of a ward in the 18th century after an earthquake and tsunami. This part of town is known for the number of squares which include many buildings with different architectural styles, such as the stock market, the Arc de Triomphe, and the statue of King Joseph 1. Other places enjoying success with their animations or their culinary stage as "Praça dos Restauradores."

Camper road trip in Lisbon

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Linda-a-velha: An out-of-the-ordinary parish

Linda-a-velha was elevated to a town only since 1991.  It is a Portuguese parish in the Oeiras municipality.  Since this little town is close to the coast, in a short time it became the favourite destination of vacationers fond of thalassotherapy.

Sintra’s cultural scenery: a not-to-miss stop

Camper road trip in Sintra

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Although Sintra is not really what can be considered a cosmopolitan town, for centuries it has been the meeting place of past civilisations. The town was one of the capitals/seats of Romanesque architecture. The castle in the region is the town’s main attraction.  We must bear in mind that Sintra forms parts of humanity’s cultural heritage since 1995, and is classified in the “Cultural landscape” category.

Santarem: Islam’s ancient birthplace

The Portuguese seized Santarem from the Muslims in 1147.  Since then, the town became Portuguese. Santarem is a beautiful town with vast tourist attractions.  Thousands of tourists visit it every year.

The das Serras de Aire e Candeeiros Natural Park: One of Portugal’s gems

Holidays in Portugal are packed with adventures. The sightseers will need a tourist guide’s assistance to visit the das Serras de Aire e Candeeiros National Park. This Park is one of the largest of South Europe. It spreads over the Estremenho Limestone Chain which is 38000 ha wide.

The Batalha Monastery, a site that must be explored

The Batalha Monastery is a site that must be visited.  It was built to celebrate the Portuguese victory over the Castillans in the Aljubarrota battle.  Discover all the Gothic art beauty on visiting the Batalha Monastery.  Enjoy the masterpiece’s complete originality under the Manueline art influence.  Start your visit with the Chapel of the founder, resting at his wife’s sides.  Discover the stone-carved splendid decors of the leaves, flowers, small branches and fruits in the Royal Cloister.

The Sanctuary of Fatima for pilgrimage, a famous tourist site in Portugal

Situated in the Santarém District, Fatima is a small Portuguese town which became a world-known pilgrimage site. Spend more time to visit the shrine as well as its surroundings. Go and explore the Mira de Aire at some fifteen kilometres from Fatima.  End your visit at 110 meters underground. Discover a waterfall and a big limestone structure at about ten kilometres from Fatima, along Moeda. Visit Saint Antonio because it is well-known for the natural beauty of its caves with wonderful stalagmites and stalactites.

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fátima Portugal

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Condeixa a Nova:  The Portuguese cute/pretty attraction

Condeixa a Nova is a Portuguese small town situated in the Coimbra district. This quaint market town /small town is not the most popular site in Portugal but is renowned for its peaceful and charming hotels.

Camper road trip in Coimbra

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Coimbra: the first Portuguese University’s birthplace

Also known as Coïmbre, Coimbra is a university town. It is Portugal’s oldest university town.  It is situated in the country’s centre and overlooks the famous river Mondego.  Coimbra is primarily occupied by students, because after their college years, the young Portuguese choose this town to pursue their studies. Tourists enjoy seeing the students in their traditional/ceremonial outfits. These students are dressed in black suits with a matching cape and a black tie. We should remember that Coimbra is Lisbon itinerary’s starting point, from where the camper road trip begins.

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