Stage 22 : A Dynamic Trip in Russia

Stage 22 : A Dynamic Trip in Russia.


Stage 22/24 - 302 kms

0 km Rybinsk

79 kms Uglich

223 kms Tver

carte Rybinsk a Tver

A dynamic trip in Russia : Rybinsk, an old historical and tourist city

Rybinsk - Russia

Rybinsk - Russia © kosmos111 -

Rybinsk is a historical old town in Russia’s Yaroslavl region. Rybinsk is a well known city of Russia’s Golden Ring and an old trading city “capital of barge haulers”. There are many places of interest in the town, including the buildings designed by the well-known architect Carlo Rossi. The History, Architecture and Art Museum of Rybinsk is one of the Upper Volga’s largest museums. The museum houses interesting collections of minerals and insects that belonged to the ancient Russian Mikhalkov family. In 1918, furniture, dishes, paintings, West-European works of art and decorative art of the 18th and 19th centuries were taken from the Mikhalkovs family estate and became the museum’s exhibits. A dynamic trip in Russia is waiting for you.

Uglich : towards tourism development

UGLITCH - Russia

UGLITCH - Russia © jean claude braun -

Uglich is a small town in Russia’s Yaroslavl oblast, 240 km north of Moscow. Lying on the picturesque bank of the Volga River, Uglich is one of Russia’s historic and well-preserved river tourist destinations. The local population doubles during summer, when this beautiful town welcomes in weekends visitors coming from Moscow and other cities. A real tourism development. Tourists travelling by bus or boats. The town’s main sights are located in its central area, a short walk from the accommodations.

Characteristics of the Tver region, a great tourist area

The Tver region is Russia’s heart, the former Russian land. Within the Great Duchy of Tver there used to be an entity of the independent State until the late 15th century and has been one of the centres of the creation of the Russian national State. Until now there are many monuments of history, architectural, archaeological and culture in this area. The Tver province is one of Russia’s tourist areas. A significant tourist flow crosses the region’s territory heading to the neighbouring regions such as the Golden Ring, Novgorod and St. Petersburg. The main types of tourism are leisure tourism, cognitive tourism and health tourism. The major tourism centres include the Seliger Lake and the Upper Volga’s string of lakes, the Volga River, Tver’s towns, Torzhot, Staritsa, Vyshny Volochek, Rzhev and Toropets, the Ivankovskoye water reservoir called the “Moscow Sea”.

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