About Toyoutrip

About Toyoutrip

Who we are ?

toyoutrip.co.uk, the innovative blog, proposes under the Community Trade Mark (CTM) « The Ecotourism Pan-European Routes Touring Nature », to discover 5 roads which cross 35 countries of Europe by connecting the most beautiful natural parks, national and regional parks to the cultural heritages sites. The famous travel bloggers selected from various countries will enrich the blog toyoutrip.com by sharing their opinions and recommendations of these 5 roads which they considered to visit between 2016 and 2020 (one road each year).

These roads of discovery are created to attract as many visitors in Europe as in the United States, where the natural parks have 300 million visitors each year.

These roads will allow the travelers from the 5 continents

  • to discover the rich natural and cultural resources of Europe,
  • to organize your travels in Europe by taking the advices of these bloggers published in their own travel diaries,
  • to make your reservations in advance (accommodation, transport and visits, ect) by the contextualized hyperlinks and Internet booking engines.

They will also allow the local tourism professionals in Europe to promote their products and services.

toyoutrip.co.uk is neither a travel agency, nor a tour operator. It doesn’t offer the web hosting service either. Its only purpose is to help you to choose a travel destination that better meet your needs.

Our blogger partners

Yibo FAN, one of the travel blogger recognized in China with 100 million visitors and 1 million fans on his social networks named as « Tsi seu ditou », will visit in July – august 2016 the Central Road, one of the 5 Ecotourism European Routes, and share his opinions and recommendations at the same time on his own social networks and the blog touyoutrip.co.uk).

Other travel bloggers renowned in other countries have to sign a partnership convention with the PLURIS company which commercially exploits the blog toyoutrip.co.uk, and select in the same way as Yibo FAN one of the 5 Routes to begin with, one new road each year between 2016 and 2020. They will also share their opinions and recommendations about the best places deserved to visit which interested the most the customers from their own countries.

If you are a travel blogger recognized in your country, and wish to join the initiative of Yibo FAN, please write to partner@toyoutrip.co.uk.